Ownership Opportunities

Are you interested in owning and growing your own business? Do you have what it takes to run a business? Are you dedicated to cleanliness? Are you tired of seeing restrooms in your area not properly cared for? If you answered yes, we have an opportunity for you!

Here at Fikes Dealers Association we offer ownership opportunities. If you share the same drive as we do, you could be one of us. Why work for someone else, when you can be your own boss?

We will help you get everything started and show you how to be the owner of your business. The association provides a sounding board for like-minded entrepreneurs which will enable you to set up your business quickly and grow it successfully. We are open to discussing and discovering best practices, as well as providing support on operational ideas. We will put you in touch with the latest in cleaning and help to ensure that all of your customers are satisfied.

With the Fikes Dealers Association behind you, you know you can’t go wrong. It gives you instant name recognition with a national brand. We have special pricing with national vendors.

Contact us today so that we can help you launch your business! Don’t miss out on this exciting chance to own your own business!