Janitorial Supplies

Are you in need of janitorial supplies? Whether you’re looking for restroom dispensers, commercial grade cleaners, gloves, or soaps and sanitizers, we’ve got everything you need to provide quality janitorial services. Offering these products and many more, Fikes has the experience to help you select a product that will get the job done!

Cleaning is an important part of running a business. It not only allows you to protect your consumers against germs, illnesses, food contaminants, and allergic reactions, but it also represents an investment in human health. Consumers appreciate a clean environment, and they recognize that cleanliness is important for both their health and safety. Many of them even take notice of pristine facilities, which can lead to a better bottom line for your business.

Use Fikes for all of your janitorial needs, and get your cleaning supplies at the right cost. You can get the latest cleaning solutions and janitorial equipment, as well as solutions for furniture cleaning and floor care. You can also see what Fikes has to offer in one of many product lines:

  • Odor control
  • Cleaners
  • Paper products
  • Green products
  • Janitorial products
  • Janitorial services

The cleaning services available at Fikes include premium care total restroom cleaning, restroom hygiene, odor control service, soap and hand sanitizer service, drain service, and dispenser installation and management.

With a wide range of products and services available for commercial use, Fikes can help you keep your workplace clean, polished, and germ-free. Our quality products were originally developed for commercial use, but now you can get both odor control products and janitorial supplies for your home as well.